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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sushi #2- Art is Art is Art is Art

Sunday Sushi - Art is Art is Art is Art

In the month of April:

The month of April I haven’t focused on art as much as I like to but I think I did a fair amount some I haven’t even shown here.  This April I shared my love of book cover art .   I shared my Easter decor and some Fab eggs.   

My creative whims sometimes wander on certain thing and when I get an idea I gotta start I may not finish till later. Some of the whims came in a Spring box, Yin Yang box, and Fox Mask.

Sometimes my art is in writing whether it is on Confuzzled Books or a children’s story I am writing.   I have a couples images I haven’t shared ...they are just sketches really for a children’s book about our pups

These are a rough sketch and me practicing for a story I wrote on Nala and Smokey(r.i.p).

I have other drawing and sketches I am working on but this is all I am going to show for now..;-)

Jumping ahead in May:

I hope to do more in this blog and connect to the other blog...
As for now what is ahead for Confuzzled Designs....little more art for stores like Zazzle and CafePress
More Painting on Canvas,
More writing,
Return of the Etsy store!

I have so much more planned for this blog, this creation, in my head. I just have to move forward.

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