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Friday, September 28, 2012

Paint Party Friday 2

Hello Paint Party People.  This my second time particapating.  I am bad at taking pictures although I keep trying  but my hands keep shaking.  

This painting is part of me or how I saw myself in a dream.  A girl with fiery red hair and gold jewelry(The Whore)  She is hanging upside down with the one leg bent (The Fool) Her heart is a oil lamp that feels empty but is not. (The Bride)

Most of the ideas come from the bible and the fool is from tarot cards.   In some why all those people felt like me when I started this.  

The Whore, The Fool and The Bride by Shannon M. McGee


Netty said...

Loving your freedom of ideas and colours. Hope your hands stop shaking soon and you find something to lean on to steady them. Happy PPF, Annette x

Carolyn Dube said...

What a dream you had! Love all the symbolism! Happy PPF!

Molly said...

very vibrant, dreamlike colors. sounds like quite a dream! :-)

Natasha said...

You have far more interesting dreams than I do!! :) Very expressive and helpful for you to see the story your dream was telling you I am sure.

Jessica Sporn said...

very strong work. Happy PPF!

Shannon McGee said...

Thank you all. As for my hands they always shake a little. That is probably why one college teacher said my work had a style unlike other he called it messy style.