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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sushi - Reaching Out

This week I attended group at a new community place for people recovering from illness call The Reach Out Foundation.  Website here 
The Group I attended was called Creative People in Recovery and it meets on Saturdays.
I was very anxious the whole time and I don't know whether I am going back.  

It is nice to be in a group with people who have similar interests but I was having a hard time enjoying myself.

Anyway for the week ahead I will probably show more of my old paintings.  I do have some things that are WIP like a snow white box and more Confuzzled Fae in Clay but I really having been doing much painting or crafting mostly writing. I have ideas for caricatures of Reagan and Obama in mind but have not buckled down to do them.  I have a schedule but I haven't really been following it so maybe I need to change it.  I don't know.

Have a Great Week

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