Society 6 Shop

Society 6 Shop

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Esty Shop and New Posts Coming!

Well i have ignored this blog a little mostly because I am not sure how to get people here but I am going to work on that and maybe I will get a little feedback.

What's new is I have opened an Esty Shop with my hand painted and decorated boxes. Soon to come will also be hand painted t-shirts and maybe other stuff.

I will be posting more art work and items from the shop if you like please follow me.


Annette said...

Congrats on the Etsy shop. Best wishes as you take on a new endeavor.
Do you make the boxes too?

I have noticed a lot of Etsy shops offer giveaways to get folks to look around. Others offer newsletters/email sign up and offer discounts. I am going to check out your shop now!

Annette said...

Is that a link on your sidebar to your shop? If so it didn't work for me.

Donna Perugini said...

How nice to have you visit my blog! To get more people noticing your blog have you thought about the SITs girls? It's a group of around 8,000 women who go to each other's sites and leave comments. You can Google them and then sign up. They also have Tribes you can join. I'm sure one of their Tribes is about crafting. The people in your tribe will specifically come to your blog to comment and link up.

I see you do Halloween items in boxes too. My sister is a huge Halloween fan and she tells me that ebay has numerous people waiting to jump on Halloween items. Have you tried ebay for Halloween. There are serious collectors over there.

Just stick with this and you'll do well! I started like you...felt down about no one coming over and then joined SITs and other groups.